Support the campaign

Support the campaign

The President’s Centennial Dinner commemorates the many advances The Union has made against tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and illnesses caused by tobacco use, as well as considering the public health challenges we still face. This occasion, on the eve of the Union World Conference on Lung Health, gathers friends of The Union, like-minded scientists, academics, activists and politicians all united in continuing the fight against these deadly diseases that too often target the world’s most vulnerable people. The funds raised from this dinner will be used to support our next century of global impact.

Corporations and foundations can invest in the Centennial Campaign, recognising that millions of lives have been improved and saved through The Union’s work in its first 100 years and that many more will benefit over the coming decades.

Here are the sponsorship opportunities for the 8th President's Centennial Dinner:

Full details of sponsorship opportunities can be found in the conference sponsorship brochure.

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